I started Wylde Street as a way to write down my thoughts on microcap value investing. I wanted people to see that microcaps can provide outsized risk return profile when you put in the work. When I explain to people the term “microcaps”, the reaction that I usually get is that they are penny stocks that is more akin to gambling than investing. I want to hopefully show them that value investing is one of the framework that can make microcaps an investible asset class and separate the quality stocks from the proverbial chaff.

As to the name “Wylde Street”? It is a fitting name for me at the start of this journey because that was the address of my first home in Australia.

I hope that you will enjoy this site and don’t hesitate to email me at mark [at] wyldestreet [dot] com if you have anything to add!

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Funds management

Privately, I manage my own and some of my family’s capital through the same value philosophy that I talk about in this blog. I manage this through a 0% management fee with 25% performance fee of above 6% p.a return (with high watermark and any deficiencies in earnings below the 6% carried forward). In that way I align my own interest as the fund manager with my investors (if I don’t perform satisfactorily, then I don’t get the fees) and eat my own cooking.

A note:

I am a relative newbie to the investing world, so there’s bound to be mistakes in my thinking. I apologise in advance for that. If you do find mistakes or disagree with my opinion, it will be greatly appreciated if you (the readers) provide me some feedback so we can all continue to become better investors.

Also, nothing in this website is advice, ever.